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Rainbow update: 0.1.7

Hi folks, I’ve been quite busy recently so I wasn’t able to add some many things anymore, but I tried to check at least a few items from my Rainbow todo list: – Added (Improved crosshair): Toggle button for crosshair on toolbar – Added (Improved crosshair): option “1.11. Show axis markers without crosshair” controls display […]


Quick ATM selection by hotkeys


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Rainbow has prevented me from moving away to another trading platform.
Awesome job, dude! Finest Ninjatrader thing I've ever seen!
Incredible work you have done here and so generous of you to share!
THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not hold back emotions!!
Ninja should pay you to add this to their UI. It makes so much more sense the way you designed it.
Thank you for your generosity, Rainbow! Top suite!
Great work here! Really spectacular.
This is a really, really good add-on for Ninja. I've made it part of my default template.
You really seem to know what you're doing here, keep up the great work!

Dear visitor!

Because you've come across my site, it means you are most likely a discretionary trader using NinjaTrader platform to do your trading. If it's true then this is the best place you're about to be right now as this site is all about tools created to make your trading a more pleasant experience.

After I had been enjoying NinjaTrader for quite some time, I came up with many ideas how to enhance NinjaTrader user experience. Being a professional UX designer with over 10 years of Java programming experience, I learned C# and created many indicators that I used myself, but now I decided to merge them all into one and share them with the rest of the world... that's when the "Rainbow" indicator was born. An indicator, that I give you for free and hope you'll find it useful and enjoy it as much as I do.

If you know about some feature that could be part of Rainbow, let me know through my issue tracker. If it makes sense to me, I might implement it in the next version of Rainbow.



These are so far the main features of Rainbow, so sit back, relax and enjoy this ride ...

Improved crosshair


The mouse cursor is for many of us a single point in universe we spend a lot of time looking at. That’s why I did my best to improve it as much as I could. These are the main things I was concerned with and tried to improve them: To know what price I’m at […]


Enhanced trade visualization


NinjaTrader shows your manual executions in a way that isn’t always obvious on the first look. Lines connecting entries and exits are available only for automated strategies in “Strategy analyzer” but not for usual chart. With Rainbow you can see your trades on your charts in a way that brings pleasure to your eye and […]


Improved ruler


Rainbow contains an enhanced ruler feature that can be triggered by clicking anywhere in the chart while holding the Shift key. It shows tick, point, currency (dollar value) and percentage difference between two points. If you click again, it disappears, if you Shift+Click while having the ruler active, it stays on the chart and you […]


Indicator templates

Did you ever want to have multiple presets for indicators that you could switch between one another? With NinjaTrader you can have only templates for the whole chart, but with Rainbow addon you can save and load as many indicator templates as you want. See the toolbar menu icon or the provided image for more […]


Improved databox


As a UX designer I couldn’t bare the fact, that with the original databox, the values were somehow disconnected from the chart … that’s why I redesigned the databox tool to display markers on the current values at the mouse location instead of just a table with values. It overrides the NinjaTrader’s default behavior of […]


Single-key shortcuts

Typing letters and numbers on your keyboard while having your charts open brings up a popup for entering name of an instrument, that you would like to switch to. Unfortunately this blocks whole space on your keyboard that could be used to trigger actions that you use frequently and you just don’t want to press […]


Customizable timeframe switches

Predefined timeframes are fine, but what if you want to use different ones? That’s where Rainbow comes in letting you configure any number of timeframes using the same format that is used in the mini instrument window brought upon when you start typing in the chart (Oh, we disabled it with the previous feature! Oh, […]


Synchronized scrolling


If you analyze market correlations and watch multiple markets at once, it would come handy when you could have all the charts somehow connected so that scrolling on one scrolls the other. You can partially achieve this using multi-series charts, but it doesn’t really help if you want to have your whole desktop space covered […]


Workspace switching

This is just a little bonus that allows you to assign (single-key) keyboard shortcuts to switching workspaces. This is set by default to Numpad numbers, which are mapped to currently open workspaces. But you don’t have to stick with them, you can define fixed workspace names.


Vertical grid with fixed time spacing


You might as well as me have wondered, why there are vertical grid lines on the chart without a configurable interval and actually this is the first thing I turn off when I open a clean chart. There is a whole bunch of tools that you can use for displaying vertical grid lines with specified […]


Chart style improvements


Rainbow contains several visual improvements for your charts. First of all it’s bar width handling, which prevents bars overlapping or bars being too thin. The bar width is handled automatically even for multiseries charts, where Rainbow keeps the same bar width for all data series in case all of them have the same bar type/period […]


Window management


Rainbow provides several enhancements regarding NinjaTrader window management: Snapping window frames Rainbow enhanced charts have the ability to have their frames snapped to each other and to desktop borders. This greatly simplifies window resizing and desktop layout organization. Activate windows together In case you open some other application that covers your charts, clicking back on […]


Improved chart trader


Rainbow adds several awesome behavior enhancements to NinjaTrader chart trader, that simplify order entry and visual orientation while entering and managing trades. These are… One click order entry When you hold Ctrl or Alt keys and your chart is live, you’re ready to create a pending order using a single mouse click. Once you move […]


Quick session template switch


If you trade a market that has regular/extended trading hours (like US indexes), you may find it convenient to be able to effortlessly switch the session template without having to go to data series settings and look for the right session template to switch to. This feature lets you configure two session templates that you […]


Quick ATM selection by hotkeys


This feature saves you some mouse clicking in the moments when value of seconds can be very high … when entering a trade. You can fill up to 7 slots with hotkeys for predefined strategy names that switch the ATM setting in Chart trader. When using Rainbow’s order entry features this gives you the opportunity […]


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