Support hungry developer

I’m really happy you made it all the way to this page. If Rainbow made a change for you and you would like to support the development, this is the place to do so. Actually I don’t work on Rainbow just by myself, for this I trained my little doggies to develop in C#, which they do pretty well. Usually I have to feed them with mud and stones, but if you would be so kind to buy them better food for a couple of days, they would be really happy.

Here are some options that should simplify your decision making and guess what … they really love champaigne and caviar!;)

& Water

It's nice of you to keep my doggies fed and watered so they can continue working on Rainbow. I really apreciate it!

& Sausage

I'll take my doggies to a nice restaurant! I'm sure they're gonna enjoy this! Thanks!

& Caviar

This is what my doggies love! Please consider this option if they implemented some feature you proposed. Thank you so much!


If you feel too limited by the aforementioned options and want to send me any other amount of money (e.g. $1000), then just go ahead and chose this option!

If you have a suspicion that all this is kind of nonsense, then you're on the right track ... nevertheless if this puts a smile on your face and you decide to donate after all, then I'll really appreciate your generosity.