Chart style improvements

Free Rainbow 0.1.7
for NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25+

features-styleRainbow contains several visual improvements for your charts. First of all it’s bar width handling, which prevents bars overlapping or bars being too thin. The bar width is handled automatically even for multiseries charts, where Rainbow keeps the same bar width for all data series in case all of them have the same bar type/period settings. This is designed for candlestick bars, so if you don’t like it you can turn it off by parameter “Visuals+/Tweak bar widths”. There is also an option to keep the price above other indicators and chart objects, which is enabled by default.

If you look into dataseries “Chart style” option, you’ll find Rainbow’s enhanced Candlestick+ chart style, that allows you to separately define outline colors for up & down bars. The style is selected as can be seen in the picture:features-style_candlestick

  1. Matt LaRocco
    Matt LaRocco
    at //Reply

    Is there a way to make the candles thinner? They are a little too wide for my liking.


  2. Daniel Roe
    Daniel Roe
    at //Reply

    Hi Lucas,

    I have installed the Rainbow (absolutely incredible, by the way!), but the new chart style does not show up in the list. Any ideas?

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