Improved crosshair

Free Rainbow 0.1.7
for NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25+

The mouse cursor is for many of us a single point in universe we spend a lot of time looking at. That’s why I did my best to improve it as much as I could. These are the main things I was concerned with and tried to improve them:

  1. To know what price I’m at I needed to look on the chart axis to the right (or left) – that meant many miles of unnecessary eye movements
  2. I didn’t know if the cursor is exactly at displayed price and where are the adjacent price levels – that meant checking the adjacent price levels manually with the price cursor
  3. With my megaboosted graphics card and Intel i7 CPU the crosshair cursor is still blinking
  4. When the crosshair cursor leaves a chart window it often leaves a trace behind that might be visible on screenshots.
  5. Switching to global cursor is kind of awkward as there is no way to quickly turn the global cursor on and off on all charts, as every mouse click, that doesn’t have to happen, is worth gold … because it is repeated by thousands of people thousands of times.

To address these issues I came up with following solutions:

  1. Price marker can be shown at price cursor either always or with Shift key pressed.
  2. Cursor crosshair is snapping to price levels and bars so you don’t have to wonder about precise values anymore.
  3. This was fixed.
  4. This was fixed.
  5. Rainbow global cursor can be turned on by a keyboard shortcut (default “g”) and works across all charts. The price markers on the master chart become colored to notify you that the global cursor is turned on.

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