Synchronized scrolling

Free Rainbow 0.1.7
for NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25+

If you analyze market correlations and watch multiple markets at once, it would come handy when you could have all the charts somehow connected so that scrolling on one scrolls the other. You can partially achieve this using multi-series charts, but it doesn’t really help if you want to have your whole desktop space covered with charts. Rainbow’s synchronized scrolling feature allows you to connect charts in a way that they are all aligned to the same time on the right edge of the chart and you can even define groups if you don’t want some synchronized charts to interfere with each other.

  1. Robert
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    This is awesome work! It makes such a difference to my being able to do historical trading on a discretionary basis.

    Thank you SO MUCH for putting the effort into writing this and even more for making it available for free.

    I can program myself so you have saved me so much effort – but I can see from your work that you are also a skilled UI designer. You’ve made NinjaTrader so much more pleasurable to use.

    Thanks once again!

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