Window management

Free Rainbow 0.1.7
for NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25+

Rainbow provides several enhancements regarding features-windowsNinjaTrader window management:

Snapping window frames

Rainbow enhanced charts have the ability to have their frames snapped to each other and to desktop borders. This greatly simplifies window resizing and desktop layout organization.

Activate windows together

In case you open some other application that covers your charts, clicking back on any chart window with “4.5. Activate this window with any other” set to “Yes” will cause other windows to be brought to front as well. This is turned on by default as it’s not an invasive feature.

Minimize/restore windows together

In case you want more synchronization between chart windows state, you may want to turn on even “4.6. Minimize/restore this window with any other”. This causes the windows to be minimized/restored together. This is more invasive feature and it’s not enabled by default.

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