Rainbow update: 0.1.5

Happy post-Easter everyone!
Here goes your easter present, enjoy!

  • New feature: Minimize/restore windows together (turn on at Toolbar -> Rainbow -> Window management -> Minimize/restore this window with any other)
  • New feature: Quick session template toggle buttons/hotkey (proposed by Johnny McCombe)
  • New feature: Quick ATM selection by hotkeys (proposed by Gabriel Solana)
  • Added (Ruler): Risk-reward ratio measuring
  • Added (Chart trader): Show ATM information on chart before placing order
  • Added (Crosshair): option to use pointer cursor instead of crosshair (proposed by Karel)
  • Added: parameter that shows indicator version
  • Fixed: Error on calculating indicator min/max value for indicator ‘RainbowChartTrader’. Please check the ‘GetMinMaxValues’ method

I skipped 0.1.4 for the auto-update, as I wanted to fix the min/max error and already had new features implemented, so instead of doing a fix for 0.1.4 I give you 0.1.5. You can find the 0.1.4 changes here.

Please consider a donation if you find Rainbow useful.
Thank you!


Free Rainbow 0.1.7
for NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25+

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