Rainbow update: 0.1.6

Hello folks!

This time it took longer, but I added a lot of little features and tweaks, so I wanted them to be stable. Here we go …

- New feature: Extending Lines, Rays, Arcs, Arrow lines and Trend channels with Shift key (proposed by Gabriel Solana)
– Added (Ruler): Risk-reward markers at horizontal lines around ruler
– Added (Chart trader): Show ATM profit target/stop loss levels before placing order
– Added (Chart trader): Optional label with trade result on the profit/loss bar (turned off by default)
– Added (Drawing tool presets): keyboard shortcuts
– Added (Drawing tool presets): apply preset to existing chart object
– Added (Visualize trades): account name included in execution description
– Added (Custom timeframes): proper labels in the timeframes dropdown
– Added (Window management): parameter to turn off window snapping (proposed by Vladimir)
– Added (Synchronized scroll): hotkey to toggle this feature – unassigned (proposed by Vladimir)
– Added (Improved crosshair): option to select mouse cursor
– Added (Improved chart trader): option to hide profit bar
– Added: Hotkey for removing drawing objects (proposed by Vicki)
– Added: Hotkey collision checking
– Added: NinjaTrader version check (display warning if NT version is obsolete < 7.0.1000.25)
– Added: NinjaTrader’s crosshair cursor used instead of default Windows cross for mouse
– Added: on screen tips for some actions (will be adding more in the future…)
– Fixed: ruler markers repainting issue with disabled crosshair
– Fixed: risk/reward ratio marker not showing for mouse in some cases
– Fixed: always show seconds on time axis marker when Bars type differs from Minute (reported by Vladimir)
– Fixed: axis markers not showing for disabled crosshair (reported by Vladimir)

Enjoy and spread the word!


Free Rainbow 0.1.7
for NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25+
  1. Ken Hiebert
    Ken Hiebert
    at //Reply

    was looking for something that.. snapped to like sierra charts and stumbled on your work..NICE
    any videos or documentation?.
    if this is as hot as it looks I will be spreading the word I am in a few trading rooms :-)
    We do homework back testing and this look to be ideal time saver!

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