Rainbow update: 0.1.7

Hi folks,

I’ve been quite busy recently so I wasn’t able to add some many things anymore, but I tried to check at least a few items from my Rainbow todo list:

– Added (Improved crosshair): Toggle button for crosshair on toolbar
– Added (Improved crosshair): option “1.11. Show axis markers without crosshair” controls display of price/time markers when crosshair is disabled
– Added: Auto detection of bar width tweaking
– Added (Chart trader): Hotkey to toggle Chart Trader “Auto scale” parameter (proposed by Karel)
– Added (Chart trader): Hotkey to move SL to breakeven (proposed by Karel)
– Added (Chart trader): Parameter to disable mouse over trade details
– Added: Candlestick+ chart type could collide with other vendor’s indicators, so I added an option to Control Center -> Tools -> Rainbow -> Candlestick+ menu to change slot for the chart type. Use this only if you know what you’re doing!
– Fixed: Error leak that could cause a Red X

If you encounter any misbehavior then please let me know.



Free Rainbow 0.1.7
for NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.25+
  1. jupiter lovejoy
    jupiter lovejoy
    at //Reply

    Hey Lucas

    I love the creature features of rainbow, i really enjoyed many of the things that you have made simple.

    I am wondering if i can make a request something that i always thought a platform some do.

    the tag at price on the right side of the chart should change colours if price is selling at the ask (green) or the bid (red).
    that way the trader can view how the priceaction is working.

    Thanks for all of your work.


  2. peter
    at //Reply


    Added: Auto detection of bar width tweaking

    it doesnt look like i can select disable or no for this feature, is that correct? whereas i could on the previous version

    thank you

  3. Jupiter Lovejoy
    Jupiter Lovejoy
    at //Reply

    Wondering if there is a NT8 version coming?


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